Shop fittings

B&R Storage Systems are suppliers of high quality New and used gondola shelving. This system is ideal for a variety of uses such as, convenience stores, supermarkets, automotive stores, pet shops, health foods stores; in fact it is perfect for most retail shops where displaying your product is crucial for your business.

Gondola shelving comes in many different styles and sizes. B&R Storage Systems hold a variety of these styles and sizes. Whether it be a single sided unit for along the wall or double sided unit for the centre of your shop, we can solve your storage requirements.

Gondola shelving comes with a variety of backing options; solid backs, pegboard backing or open mesh backing. The options are endless.

As you could imagine there is a variety of sizes also,
below is a table of the more common sizes.

Heights Lengths Depth
1200mm 900mm 450mm
1500mm 1200mm 400mm
1800mm   300mm

B&R Storage Systems can also provide you with clothes racks, mannequins, showcases, pegboard hooks, magazine racks, spinners and many other accessories that go with the shop fitting industry.

B&R Storage Systems being a leading Second hand supplier of all products ensures that you the customer get the benefits and a cost effective solution.

Contact one of our sales staff today to discuss the Second hand options available or alternatively, we can organise a price on New shelving.