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New and Used Lockers in Melbourne, Victoria

B&R Storage Systems stocks a variety of different types of lockers. We can supply both new and second hand lockers.

Lockers are an ideal way to securely store your personal belongings, whether it’s in a factory environment, office environment or even for your personal work area. B&R Storage Systems has the solution for you, no matter how many units you need. You may be surprised at what’s possible – from small personal secure storage lockers, to ultra-secure units for sensitive materials or dangerous equipment, we’ll make sure you get what you need. Used lockers are a great way to get the functionality you need without the expense of investing in new lockers. Our lockers are in great condition, but if you’re thinking of placing them in a customer/client facing area, they’re easily painted.

Lockers come in a range of styles, sizes and door configurations. They can come with either a key lock or a padlock provision; choose the option that best meets your security needs and budget. For example, for personal storage a key lock may be OK, but for a shared workplace, combination padlocks (with combination records stored securely) can be ideal for ensuring that access is not compromised.

Call B&R Storage Systems and talk to one of our sales team and discuss the best solution that suits your needs.

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