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Long Span Shelving

Longspan Shelving in Melbourne, Victoria

Longspan shelving is easily the most flexible and cost effective product on the market. Having troubles storing longer length products that don’t fit in traditional style shelving, but the thought of using heavy bulky pallet racking doesn’t seem to work either? Then longspan is the solution.

B&R Storage Systems carries a wide range of new and second hand longspan shelving. With various size units available we are sure to have the solution for you. We also have large stock volumes to match up to any existing long span units you may have.

Longspan Sizing and Dimensions

Long span shelving allows great flexibility in sizing. The table below gives you an indication to the more popular sizes available, however keep in mind anything is possible.












600mm (most popular)

Beam Lengths






With weight loading ranging per level from 200kgs – 3000kgs, longspan caters for any application. The easily adjustable levels give flexibility to change shelf heights when necessary.

The options are endless with new or used long span shelving: particle board shelf levels, steel shelf levels, wire mesh shelf levels, or melamine shelf level. Just about anything is possible, making this product ideal for just about any hand loading application.

B&R Storage Systems can provide you with extra heavy duty longspan by utilising regular selective pallet racking and reducing the frames into any depth you desire, thus giving the ability to use pallet racking beams that can hold weights of up to 3000kgs per level.

The most popular uses of new and used long span shelving from our Melbourne warehouse include archive shelving, garage shelving, carton storage & displaying products.

B&R Storage Systems is a leading supplier of all products, ensuring that get the features and benefits you need, and a cost effective solution.

Call a B&R Storage Systems staff member today to discuss which available options may best suit your needs.