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B&R Storage Systems is a leading Melbourne storage system supplier.

We buy and sell Pallet racking, Drive in pallet racking, Carpet racking, Steel shelving, Long span shelving Systems, used retail shop fittings, Stationary cabinets, second hand lockers & Stillages. In fact we can set up your entire business from the office to the warehouse.

B&R Storage Systems has a major advantage over all other competitors, we are an independent company. This means we are not a distributor of any of particular brand on the market, therefore our focus is more on what we can do for you the customer and not what brand of pallet racking we must sell. This allows us to work better for the customer ensuring we provide you with the best possible product available to solve your storage requirements, whilst maintaining our high service level.

We stock and sell used pallet racking from all the major brands available, such as Dexion, Colby, Brownbuilt, APC, Spacerack, Macrack, Schaefer and even the old brands that are not available anymore, Acrow, Cyclone, Kingfisher, Old Style Colby, Dramac, you name it we can help you with it.

We are the specialist in all areas of Second-hand storage Systems ensuring you get the best service and product to solve your requirements.

We strive to “make the impossible possible”

Come in and visit our showroom and see our large range of New & Used storage Systems that is bound to provide the solution for your factory, warehouse, shop, office also the domestic market.

We have been established in the industry since 1982 and we know what’s needed to solve all your storage requirements
Give us a call and talk to our friendly staff.

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