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Carpet Racking

Easy Storage and Accessibility With Our Efficient Carpet Racking Solutions

Carpet racking is a quick and efficient way to store all carpet rolls. Utilising standard selective pallet racking with a depth of 1200mm for the frames, B&R Storage Systems can design a system to handle those long 3600mm lengths of carpet which are generally hard to store with great ease.

B&R Storage Systems can design a system that suits your requirements with a variety of length beams available.
We can tailor a Carpet rack solution that meets whatever space you have available.

By using a pallet racking product to store your carpet rolls in, it allows you the flexibility and adjustability to place levels at virtually any height. Thus giving a wide range of different diameter rolls, you can insert into any bays of rack. Every level can be set at a different height. With particle board spread across the entire level allows the weight distribution to be evenly distributed ensuring a safe and efficient storage system.

Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.