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CLS Racking

Carton Live Storage Solutions for Efficient Warehouse Management

Carton live storage is a unique style of storage Systems that allows you to pick small item orders by accessing individual cartons rather than full pallets. With trays on a slant and all cartons located upon rollers, once you pick the front carton the remainder gradually roll forward ensuring a quick and efficient system to picking orders.

Efficient and Dynamic Storage Solutions

B&R Storage Systems carton live storage racking system loads all cartons from the back keeping the front access clear and free for order picking. Whilst utilising pallet racking as the structure, you can store full pallets above allowing quick and easy access to replenish stock levels.

Most CLS (Carton live storage) trays fit within a standard double entry bay of pallet racking , meaning we can easily combine existing pallet racking into a pick and pack system

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