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Compactus Shelving

Optimize Space with Compactus Shelving Systems for Efficient Storage

Compactus shelving is a mobile shelving unit that allows maximum storage capacity whilst using minimum floor space.
This system slides back and forth giving you direct access to every bay. The system only requires 1 aisle space over the entire unit. This gives a major advantage when space is a premium.

B&R Storage Systems stock many different brands of Second hand Compactus shelving from Brownbuilt office mobile to Dexion free track Systems. This unique system is virtually available in any configuration from 4 bay units up to 20 bays units. We can supply this product both in New and Second hand

Compactus shelving is ideally suited to the office environment, electronic components and automotive small parts storage where space is a premium. B&R Storage Systems can help you create and design a compactus shelving unit that saves time and space.

Imagine this, you have a space available where traditional shelving would only fit 3 bays in, Compactus shelving can fit 6 bays of 400mm deep, giving you 100% more storage capacity.

The more common sizes of Compactus shelving available are;














Call B&R Storage Systems today and let our staff design a Compactus shelving system that works for you.