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Drive-In Racking

High-Density Warehousing With Our Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

Drive-In racking is ideal for high density storage requirements where you may have 20 pallets of the same product.
This system uses minimal floor space whilst maximising the amount of pallets you can store in the one location.
30% less floor space used and 50% increase in storage capacity compared to your regular selective pallet racking.
B&R Storage Systems can design a Drive-In racking system to suit your needs. Drive-In pallet racking is ideally suited to businesses that have low stock rotation or bulk storage applications and is extremely efficient for freezer storage where space is minimal.

With options from 2 – 8 pallets deep and heights of up to 10 metres, makes this system versatile and capable of meeting any requirements. The rail system makes for easy quick loading of pallets. Having direct access to bulk lines of products can improve productivity levels greatly.

B&R Storage Systems being a leading Second hand supplier of all products, ensures that you the customer get the benefits and a cost effective solution. Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.