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Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

Reliable, Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving in Melbourne, Victoria

B&R Storage Systems’ heavy-duty shelving models are older-style shelving that can carry weights that some modern types are simply not capable of. More often than not, used shelving comes in a braced format rather than solid side panels and backs sheets. Having your sides braced allows additional light, whereas having solid side panels can sometimes restrict the amount the amount of light and make locating products difficult.

With all intermediate shelves locked into position with heavy-duty clips, these units offer simple and efficient adjustability of your shelves. The top and bottom shelves are bolted to add a strong, sturdy structure. This means you can safely load and unload your inventory on and off the shelves.

Choosing the heavy-duty shelving option allows you to hold weights that regular shelving solutions just don’t cater for, with weights up to 400kgs on one shelf level. This makes them ideal for safely and efficiently storing a wide range of heavy equipment, or for displaying very heavy stock such as metal hardware, weights discs and more. A major advantage over traditional roll post designs is that they help keep your warehouse more organised while ensuring that you and your workers stay safe with sturdy industrial shelving systems in Melbourne that work and last.

Get Affordable Industrial Shelving Systems in Melbourne

When looking for a shelving solution for your small business, second-hand heavy-duty options are worth considering. Not only do they come at a lower price, they are often well-built and provide more value than shelving made from other materials.

B&R Storage Systems carries a huge variety of older generation, second-hand industrial steel shelving systems in Melbourne, which means adding to your existing storage is achievable, all whilst keeping cost to a minimum.

What are the Specifications of Our Industrial Shelving Systems?

There are many sizes available; see the table below for some more popular sizing.

B&R Storage Systems, being a leading supplier of heavy-duty second-hand industrial steel shelving systems in Melbourne, ensures that you benefit from a cost-effective solution.


5’11” (1803mm)

6’11” (2108mm)

7’3” (2210mm)

7’11” (2410mm)


2’6” (762mm)

3’ (915mm)

3’6” (1067mm)

4’ (1219mm)


12” (305mm)

15” (381mm)

18” (457mm)

2’ (610mm)


How Can You Integrate Heavy Duty Shelving Into Your Melbourne Organisation?

Integrating heavy-duty shelving into your workplace is a strategic move that can offer numerous benefits. It’s not merely about storing items; it’s about creating a streamlined, efficient process that aids in your daily operations.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Assess Your Space and Determine the Best Fit: Understanding the available space and the weight requirements of your items is a critical initial step. Work closely with the professionals to create a tailored plan that meets your needs.
  • Choose from Different Capacity Levels: With shelving that supports up to 400kgs per level, you can store heavy equipment securely. Matching capacity levels to your specific needs ensures a reliable and efficient storage solution.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Heavy-duty shelving can be easily incorporated into your existing layout, making it a versatile addition that optimises your storage without major alterations. 

By integrating heavy-duty shelving, you can make your workspace more organised, safe and conducive to productivity.

How Can Industrial Shelving Systems Improve Your Operations & Storage?

Industrial shelving systems in Melbourne provide more than just storage. They also bring:

  • Organised Storage Solutions: By utilising industrial shelving systems in Melbourne, you can keep everything in its designated place, minimising clutter and enhancing efficiency. Whether storing small parts or heavy equipment, the right design can make all the difference.
  • Easy to Reconfigure and Adapt to Changing Needs: The world of business is dynamic, and your storage needs can change rapidly. Industrial shelving offers the flexibility to reconfigure according to the evolving demands of your organisation.
  • Enhances Workplace Safety and Efficiency: Properly designed and installed industrial shelving minimises risks, ensuring that heavy items are securely stored. This promotes a safer working environment and can lead to a more streamlined workflow.
  • Cost-Effective Compared to Other Material Options: When considering initial costs and long-term value, industrial shelving systems are a prudent investment. Offering robustness and versatility, they often outlast alternatives, making them sound financial decisions.

Find the Right Heavy-Duty Shelving Solutions in Melbourne with B&R Storage Systems

B&R Storage Systems, being a leading supplier of shelving systems in Melbourne, ensures that you benefit from a cost-effective solution. Contact us at 03 9791 3666 and talk to one of our sale team today. Let us help solve your storage requirements.