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Steel Shelving

Heavy Duty Steel Industrial Shelving in Melbourne, Victoria

B&R Storage Systems’ heavy duty shelving models are older style systems that can carry weights that some modern types are simply not capable of. Used steel shelving more often than not comes in a braced format rather than solid side panels and backs sheets. Having your sides braced allows additional light where at times having rows of shelving can restrict the amount and make locating product difficult at times.

With all intermediate shelves locked into position with heavy duty clips, these units offer simple and efficient adjustability of your shelves. The top and bottom shelf are bolted to add a strong sturdy structure.

Choosing the heavy duty steel option allows you to hold weights that regular systems just don’t cater for, with weights up to 400kgs on 1 shelf level. This makes them ideal for safely and efficiently storing a wide range of heavy equipment, or for displaying very heavy stock such as metal hardware, weights discs and more. This system is a major advantage over traditional roll post designs.

B&R Storage Systems carries a huge variety of older generation, second hand steel shelving systems meaning adding on to your existing storage is achievable, all whilst keeping cost to a minimum.

There are many sizes available; see the table below for some more popular sizing.


5’11” (1803mm)

6’11” (2108mm)

7’3” (2210mm)

7’11” (2410mm)


2’6” (762mm)

3’ (915mm)

3’6” (1067mm)

4’ (1219mm)


12” (305mm)

15” (381mm)

18” (457mm)

2’ (610mm)

B&R Storage Systems, being a leading supplier of shelving systems in Melbourne, ensures that you benefit from a cost effective solution.

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