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Parts Bins

Streamline Your Parts Management With Our Parts Bins

Storing small parts can be a major headache, let B&R Storage Systems assist you and minimise the hassle by working with you and solving any storage problem you may have. By using strong sturdy plastic parts bins, you will improve productivity within your work environment ensuring quick easy access to all products.

Stock control is one of the world’s biggest business headaches, however B&R Storage Systems can assist and minimise in the impact this will have on your business and make storing small parts a breeze.

There is a multitude of sizes and parts bins available. B&R Storage Systems provide these both in Second hand and New ensuring we have the right product for you at the right price.

Whilst we do stock Second hand parts bins, we also proudly distribute Fischer Plastics.
We can supply the full range of Fischer Plastics at extremely competitive rates, and of course if we can supply in Second hand we will.

Download Fischer Plastics Range brochures by category
– Stor pak bins, parts trays & louvre panels
– Tackleboxes & First aid Kits
– Storage boxes & drawer organisers
– Toolboxes & hobby boxes
– CD stands & coat hangers

Download complete Fischer Plastics Range brochure

We have plastic parts bins, metal parts bins, small bins, large bins. You can stack them on existing shelving or hang them from a louvre panel on the wall.

Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.