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Roll Post Shelving

Versatile and Space-Saving Storage Solution

Roll post is an extremely popular form of shelving. It is sturdy, highly versatile, and easy to install. The easily adjustable shelves give great flexibility for a variety of different product lines. All intermediate shelves use clips to locate them into position, allowing quick and easy adjustability, whilst the top and bottom shelf bolt in to form a strong and sturdy construction.

B&R Storage Systems can provide a shelving system that best suits your needs. Roll post shelving can be set up either in a back to back form for easy access to either side or a single sided version for against the wall.

The solid side panels and back sheets makes it versatile for all types of products. It makes for easy stock separation and stops loose stock from falling down the back and getting lost.

By adding dividers into your shelving can give you pigeon hole units which is great for parts separation and document storage. Adding parts bins into your shelving allows the ability to store small components and full cartons within the one shelving unit.

A roll post shelving system from B&R Storage Systems can improve productivity within your business by giving you quick east access and more importantly locating your stock at a rapid rate.

Shelving comes in a variety of sizes. See below for the more popular sizing;




















B&R Storage Systems specialise in industrial grade shelving, weights vary with roll post shelving with a range from 80kgs up to 240kgs per shelf level we are sure to have a solution for you.

B&R Storage Systems provide this product both in Second hand and New. With our large volumes and variety of stock we carry we are sure to be able to match your existing shelving units or design a New system that looks and works fantastic.

Give our sales team a call today and let B&R Storage system solve your storage requirements. Making the impossible possible.