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What Type of Racking Do I Need?

If you’re setting up a new warehouse or searching for options to replace the existing shelving, you should consider your options. There are several types of racking systems on the market, and each of them can serve a different function, or can be adjusted to suit awkward products and items. In this blog, B&R Storage Systems explains the different types of racking we offer and what products they are best for.

Pallet Racking & Drive-In Racking

Pallet racking allows for direct access to stored items and is the most economical solution. We have a wide range of sizes available – this includes height, length, and carrying capacity. If you’re purchasing new racking for an existing space, we can help you match the new racking to the established one, creating a seamless and universal style.

Like pallet racking, the drive-in racking solution is ideal for high-density storage. Minimising the need for large amounts of floor space, this style is best applied to businesses that have low stock rotation. Options include pallets that are 2-8 deep, and heights up to 10m, and are easily customised.

Carpet Racking

Carpets can be challenging to store, as they must stay rolled and often need to be laid horizontally. When the only solution is installing long racks to store these carpets, the options B&R Storage Systems offer are flexible and easily adjusted. We can design carpet racking to suit unique lengths, even as long as 3600mm carpets that are typically difficult to store. Particle boards are inserted to separate each level; boards that are capable of withstanding evenly distributed weights.

A-Frame Racking

For long, awkwardly proportioned stock, A-Frame racking is the go-to storage solution. Positioned in an ‘A’ shape, the base of the long item is rested on the base whilst the length leans against the frame. This is perfect for timber, PVC piping, and aluminum extrusion.

Cantilever Racking

A popular choice in Australian warehouses, cantilever racking is ideal for long materials like timber, pipes, and steel. This style is easily modified to suit a myriad of products simply by adjusting the positions of the versatile arms. With various weight and length capacities, there’s a reason why many warehouses are stacked with cantilever racking.

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