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Raised Floor Areas

Melbourne’s Leading Supplier of Raised Floor Systems

When you’re operating a warehouse, it’s easy to run short on space, and at B & R Storage Systems, we’re the experts at providing storage solutions to Melbourne warehouses with raised flooring systems. A raised flooring system can give you that extra space you were looking for minus the headache of having to find a new premise or lease another warehouse.

The team at B & R Storage Systems can design you a raised floor system that not only gives you valuable floor space above but can also increase your storage volumes underneath your floor by inserting pick levels into the subframe which is made from pallet racking. By using selective pallet racking as your subframe, it enables a multitude of storage options not only beneath your floor but we can continue the pallet racking through the floor structure giving you valuable storage levels above. At B & R Storage Systems, we believe that a safe workplace is a productive workplace and this is why we don’t use timber bearers for all our floors. We believe a steel box tube bearer is the ultimate in floor construction ensuring maximum strength in the structure, giving you the best storage solutions with our raised floor systems.

Creating Raised Floor Systems That Highlight a Warehouse’s Full Potential

A well-designed raised flooring system provides the opportunity to fully utilise the potential of all the available space in your warehouse. These systems offer more space while allowing your warehouse to keep up with work safety requirements and OH&S regulations with handrails, pallet gates and a set of stairs located for quick and easy access.

B & R Storage Systems can design raised floor systems that suit your Melbourne warehouse needs. Flexibility is our goal, so we can create a floor at any size. With our individually designed stairs we can produce a floor at the height you desire. Our simple construction and the flexibility of using pallet racking means we can make any size floor that you need. At B & R Storage Systems we’re proud to be a leading second-hand supplier of all storage products including storage cabinets, shop fittings, and heavy duty steel shelving ensuring our customers get the benefits and a cost-effective solution they require.

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B & R Storage Systems is Melbourne’s leading supplier of raised floor systems. We have provided warehouses all over Melbourne with effective and reliable systems and we always receive great reviews from our clients. Feel free to contact our staff if you have any further enquiries

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